Excerpt VN2

It occurred to him with the force of a punch that he was in Nate’s quarters, in Nate’s bed and that something inexplicable had happened. Bewildered, he realized he was shaking as he looked back at the other man. "I don’t belong here…"

Nate rose slowly, moving the chair aside and confirming what Ian already suspected— that he was a big man. There was that flush of attraction again that made Ian’s mouth go dry. Something sang along his nerves, encouraging, pushing at him.

"You’re exactly where you belong, Ian." Nate came for him with hunger brilliant in his dark eyes.

Ian climbed off the end of the bed, confused, needing to keep some distance between them. Nate moved with him, the two men circling around each other as Ian tried to sort out what was happening, because something was definitely happening. It pulled at him, nudged him, urged him to go to the other man. The sexual attraction was so strong. Ian had never experienced anything this intense. Mind and body responded as he stared at Nate, aching and needing…

The other man was clearly just as turned on, Ian had no problem seeing his erection straining against the fabric of his pants.

Go with it, don’t fight it. It’s the Bonding. VN2 200x300

God, he wanted to go to this man… I don’t even know who you are! He was drenched in heat, so hard it hurt.

You will, that’s what the marking’s for. All this will make sense if you’ll trust me to show you.

Marking? Ian swallowed, pressing his hand to his own erection. The room felt electric with anticipation. Ian let himself move closer but wasn’t ready to let Nate touch him.

It’s part of the Bonding. It’s a claiming… Nate undid the first couple buttons of his pants.

For God sakes, Nate, get a hold of him, he’s projecting all over the damn camp!

Working on it, Doc.

"You’re, hurting, you hear everyone around you."

Before Ian could reply, could understand, Nate caught his arm and the two came against each other. Ian sucked in a startled breath, his whole body feeling like a live wire. Nate reached up, cupped his face. That all stops here, now. The Bond recognized us, put us together. Let me mark you, we’ll mark each other…I’ll show you things about yourself you never knew…

Ian shook like a leaf in a gale, lost for words, at the mercy of his body. He couldn’t begin to understand what was happening here, what it meant to be marked. All he knew was that right now, staring into those amazing eyes, the constant noise in his head that tore at him was gone. The pain that ate at him until he could only escape it with alcohol was gone. He’d never felt more alive in his entire life than in this moment. It was overwhelming.

Nate leaned in, breath warm against Ian’s face. He brushed his lips over Ian’s, gentle, careful, then rubbed his cheek against Ian’s, nuzzling, ghosting another kiss. Ian moaned and pushed closer, hands sliding over those incredible arms.

He hadn’t a clue what he was doing, no experience to draw on. Nate licked the sensitive skin behind his ear, the sensation electric and going straight to Ian’s cock. Still nuzzling and tasting, Nate moved his hand down Ian’s stomach, reached inside the half-undone pants and palmed Ian’s erection.