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Status on various projects


Gwenna Project: Then and Now
Status: Still writing

The sequel to Lost and Found. Mark and Josh are now down in the Florida Keys during the height of the hurricane season. This time they are remodeling the first floor of a traditional southern “shot gun” style home while the owners are north for the summer. Mark is now sober and Josh has stood by him every step of the way, but the nightmares and flashbacks still catch Mark off guard and he is still adjusting to having someone like Josh in his life, 24/7. When another gay couple show up on the scene, Mark’s insecurities lead him to doubt Josh’s commitment. After a fight with Josh, Mark goes to Miami for supplies and to clear his head. Unfortunately, a hurricane that had been stalled for days out in the gulf of Mexico shifts and barrels down on the Keys, blocking Mark from getting back and trapping Josh and most of the residents of Key West on the island. Separated now, Mark is frantic to get back to Josh who he left behind to face a category 4 hurricane and is terrified of what he’ll find when he is finally allowed back after the storm. He barely survived the loss of his lover in Vietnam, he knows he won’t survive this time if Josh doesn’t make it.


Gwenna Project: Firebase October
Status: Still writing- word count: 4,436

Before there was Josh, there was Vietnam and Ryan. A prequel to Lost and Found and Then and Now- set in 1968 in Vietnam that shows Mark Connor before he lost everything including the love of his life- Ryan Moynihan.


Gwenna Project: Melody Blue
Status: Research and outlining

A full length period novel set in southern England during WWII. I’ve always been fascinated by the history of the B-17 (Like the Memphis Belle). It was a completely different time then and to be homosexual was considered a disease. There was no formal Air Force; it was part of the Army and called the United States Army Air Force. The 8th USAAF was stationed in Southern England at various bases located near smaller villages. They would make strikes into Germany and occupied France from this strategic location.

Right now I’m still researching and I’ve started to outline a main plot and a couple of smaller threads. Melody Blue is the name of the B-17 that will be the back drop of this novel.

Overview: Captain Dennis Baxter is pilot to the Melody Blue and is not only responsible for her, but his entire crew. Officers were expected to be married, and Dennis has a young wife back home in the Chesapeake Bay area that he cares about, but can’t love. He doesn’t understand why and time away from the life he knew back in States is only confusing matters for him. Staff Sergeant Theodore “Holly” Hollenbeck is the head crew chief of the ground support for Melody Blue. Holly comes from old money and an established family from Philadelphia he left behind to join the Army. The Melody Blue is the only lady in his life. Despite their differences in rank, Dennis finds it easy to talk to Holly and rely on him. But there is a something else there, something that confuses Dennis. He is starting to fall in love like he never could with the wife he left back home. Only this time, it’s with another man.


Gwenna Project: Imperial City
Status: Researching only.

This is going to focus on two Marines during the first few days of the famous Battle of Hue during the Tet Offensive 1968. A huge battle that went on for weeks and was fought from house to house in what was at the time, the beautiful imperial city of Hue.


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