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Release date: July 29th, 2011

Overview: Nate, having recently lost his bond partner several months ago, has lost his will to live. He's a seasoned soldier and there had been hopes to have him rebond with the company commander. Ian is young, headstrong and running from a legacy he wants nothing to do with. He's also incredibly gifted and totally unaware of it. It's killing him by inches, driving him to the edge of madness. Nate wants to die, Ian wants to be left alone- bonding will change everything for these two men.

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Lost and Found

Released June 21st, 2010

Overview: Mark Connor survived two tours during the Vietnam War, a hero by most people's definition. But the last thing Mark feels like is a hero, being one of only a handful of men who survived a vicious ambush in the jungles north of Chu lai. He lost his best friend and lover and now lives with the guilt every day, refusing to be close to anyone. It's worked for him for almost four decades until he hires Josh Myers to help him with his current job, an extensive remodel of a home in the northernmost part of the Outer Banks. Josh is also a survivor, of the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, and unlike Mark, he embraces life with wide open arms. He also finds an instant attraction to Mark and is sure Mark feels the same way, even though Mark refuses to acknowledge it. Alone in the northern Outer Banks in January, Mark finds himself desperately clinging to his past even as Josh offers him a future he doesn't feel he deserves.

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